Exoshift the Miniatures Game

At its core, Exoshift is a science fiction bright future setting that spans the Milky Way galaxy.

The first product set in the Exoshift universe is a squad scale tabletop miniatures game.

However, the game and universe will expand with other products such as Exoshift Fireteams, which allows players to field full platoons of models using different rules for larger games with faster play.

To make sure all players have the best experience compared to other miniature games, we are aiming for these goals during development:

  • Free, full official rules available online at all times.
  • A printed rule book available after online playtesting.
  • Easy look up of rules online, no forums to search through, just collected and official answers on a website, and for download as a PDF.
  • An official army list creation app built right into the website.
  • A full range of miniatures for all 8 factions, including more exotic mercenaries.
  • An initial release of 4 factions, followed by the remaining 4.
  • Parallel updates to faction rules and lists, we update all the rules at once, or in rapid succession, and won’t leave you waiting for updates for years.
  • Casual pickup game focused, but tight and technical rules writing for more competitive players.

To meet these goals, the Exoshift team is going to need your help. Once we reach the playtest stage, feel free to download the rules and army lists to play however you’d like. But keep an eye our for our upcoming line of miniatures.

Any feedback you can give on the playtest rules is greatly appreciated, and will go a long way towards creating the perfect game for you to play.

Send any questions, comments, or suggestions to: feedback@exoshift.org.

a science fiction miniatures game