Combine Confederated Worlds

The Combine Confederation is a large stellar nation that, at first glance, seems just like many others. However, upon closer examination, a puzzling question arises.

The CCW is made up of drastically different cultures and smaller states that span systems to individual planets. There are stable democracies sitting right next to little more than tribal warlords and dictatorships. Across the galaxy, similar situations usually results in plenty of internal strife. Yet somehow the CCW remains stable, and only a little bloodshed is spilled between member states. Larger disputes between individual members are resolved at a scheduled congress.

Many believe that it is the enigmatic and diminutive species nicknamed, “The Combine,” are pulling the strings behind the scenes, but how they maintain such control over an odd group is a mystery.

Technologically inferior to the rest of the galaxy, the CCW does have access to higher level technology, but often lack the infrastructure or resources to make full use of them. Instead, they rely on a steady supply of cheap bioengineered troops, deadly creatures to be used as cannon fodder, to make up the difference. This has become a nightmare for some worlds bordering Combine space, as along the outer rim of of the Confederacy, many of the states there are wild areas filled with warlords fighting for control, with their raiding parties ranging far into space for spoils to fund their private wars.

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