GNB: First contact with new species in Sol Space causes boom in decades old media archives.

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In a sign of Sol’s growing strength in the Galactic scene, the Sol Diplomatic Bureau announced that it has made first contact with yet another species, the second in the last decade from within Sol’s sphere of influence. 

Previously isolated by an unstable exoshift lane, and too far away for hyperspace visitation. What makes this event unique in history was that this species, known as the Cimarans, contacted Sol authorities first by exoshifting into a trade hub, and did so not with ancient Old Order protocols, but instead with perfectly fluent, if dated, English-2N on standard channels.

It seems that the Cimarans had been listening in on Sol transmissions for decades now, as a media repeater for the cluster was set to also broadcast passively on slow band FTL channels.

One of their first requests, after immediately petitioning to join the republic, were media deals to access old entertainment archives that included holovids out of primary circulation. It seems the intrepid explorers were just as interested in finding out how some of our most beloved shows ended, as they were in finding out about the rest of the galaxy.