Sol Armies

Naval Marines

Spinward Rapid Response Division – SRRD

The SRRD is Sol’s premier mechanized division, always in a state of mobilization. This division was formed in response to Combine incursions into Sol space, where the lightning raids and destructive terror attacks have taken their toll on Sol colonists and protected planets.

SRRD forces tend have a higher focus on assault weaponry and units, due to Combine forces making use of a plethora of deadly bioengineered assault units to soak up incoming fire. They also have the newer and faster hover tanks and transports in larger numbers to enable rapid responses to attacks.

Affectionately nicknamed the Sardines, for their troops’ propensity to pack into transports at a moment’s notice, often going over safe capacity to reach the front lines, rapidly disembarking with deadly assault units into the most heated of firefights.

SUF Detachment

SUF Colonial Garrison

Planetary Defense Forces


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