The Exoshift Universe is a bright future science fiction setting of epic proportions. With galaxy spanning empires, countless worlds and civilizations, all waiting to be explored.

Set in the Milky Way galaxy over one hundred years in the future, and one hundred thousand years after the collapse of a galaxy spanning order, mankind has reached the stars and found it teeming with life. Exoshift is set against the backdrop of stellar civilizations and empires rebuilding from a galactic dark age, and prospering into a new galactic renaissance.

While the old order, and its mysteries, still haunts this new age, civilizations are finding the clash of cultures a more dire threat as they compete for their place in the galaxy.

Galactic politics, intrigue, and conflict mix on an massive scale. Heroes and scoundrels ply their trade on a myriad of worlds. While martial conflicts are abound in the universe of Exoshift, it won’t shy away from asking the classic questions of science fiction. For when civilizations reach out and encounter new forms of life, or discover new technologies that change their ways of living and thinking, all of them at some point must ask those classic questions, and those are the stories of Exoshift.

a science fiction miniatures game