Gateway News Broadcast: Combine denies any involvement in disappearance of Krr’akar research teams.

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Diplomats from the Combine Confederated Worlds today expressed their condolences at the disappearance of Krr’akar research teams exploring the Nimbus systems along their borders. They also denied any involvement or activities in the area, citing that their borders are known for dangerous stellar and criminal activity which had been marked for pacification months before. Combine officials have stated that they will move up their pacification fleet schedule to search for the missing scientists.

Warning beacons had been placed in several systems by the local Combine authorities in the past in an attempt to warn travelers about these dangers, but most beacons were found stripped bare of parts within months.

The Matron Kargat of the Krr’akar delegation had this to say, “The Order will not stand for such flagrant violations. This is a test of our resolve and they will find us unphased. Our kin will be found and those responsible will know their place.” Since her response, Krr’akar military presence has doubled in the sector.

The Combine had previously staked a claim on some worlds of the Nimbus Systems, bringing them into opposition with the Krr’akar fleets operating in the sector, who also claim that ancient star maps clearly show that these worlds belonged to the Old Order. However, when Combine officials asked to produce these maps to verify, all requests have so far been denied, citing security reasons.

This marks the fourth dispute in the past months since a Krr’akar fleet encountered what the Combine describe as unaligned criminal raiders, resulting in the destruction of numerous ships on both sides and the sacking of several neutral supply stations in the area.

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